I am known by many names: Barbara, babbsela, Sister, Mom, hey you weirdo, and Bitch, to name a few.

Location: Littleton, Colorado, United States

In the Summer of 2006, I nearly died because a doctor made some dangerous mistakes. After a week in ICU, and a month in the hospital, I had to re-learn many of the things I had previously taken for granted: walking, talking, all the things I do every day to take care of myself. It was a hard battle I fought to become me again. I now treasure every day, and relish every moment.

I’ve always had an unusual outlook on things. I hope you enjoy the view through my eyes for a minute or two. And, if you don’t find me interesting, it doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. I enjoy my own company, so I’ll probably be laughing whether you do or not.