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Thank You For Keeping Us Free

My dad fought in the Army. At the time, men didn’t have a choice. Everyone was expected to serve. They could sign up, or wait for the draft. Dad served his country with honor, and I’m extremely proud of him for doing so. I know it wasn’t easy. I’ve seen the pain in his eyes from the memories of Korea that haven’t faded a bit in the nearly 60 years since he came home. There’s too much to talk about, and it’s too hard, so it’s easier for him to not say anything. I imagine it’s like that for a lot of our veterans.

In an age when it’s popular to hate our military, for “churches” to demonstrate at the funerals of those who paid the ultimate price in service to our country, I have to wonder why protecting our freedoms is such a bad thing. Why do those people feel it’s a-ok to disrespect the grief of others? Is it really “Christian” to have no compassion for the family who lost someone they dearly loved?

It is ignorant and short-sighted to think that if we get rid of the Armed Forces, life will be good for all.

There will always be war. There will always be someone, somewhere, who wants what he doesn’t have, and is willing to fight to take it away from those who have it. When what they want is huge, they will round up forces that are enormous. If praying or meditating for world peace was all it took, it would already be here. You can’t talk, or meditate, or negotiate peace with someone whose blood thirst drives them to conquer at any cost.

I remember vividly where I was on September 11, 2001. I watched in horror, with the rest of my fellow Americans, as the towers fell. I saw pictures of the Pentagon with a huge hole in its side, and video from the Pennsylvania field where so many brave heroes went to their death, and felt very afraid. How can anyone, 9 years later, say that we shouldn’t fight back? How can anyone think that doing nothing is the best course of action?

Where words fail me, these videos speak volumes:

Darryl Worley – Have you forgotten

Toby Keith – American Soldier

Toby Keith – Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue

This Thursday, after I salute the flag that flies on the front of my house, I’m going to go and buy a poppy from the DAV guy outside the supermarket. When I do, I’m going to shake his hand, and thank him for his service. And, sometime that day, I’m going to stop and think about the ones who didn’t come home, and acknowledge how thankful I am that they were brave enough, or patriotic enough, or whatever enough, to fight for not only my freedom, but also for the ones who hate them for doing so.

And, I’ll call my Dad to thank him, too. Because of his service, and the service of every member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, we continue to live in the Land of the Free.