I’ll probably never go the movies again

All the uproar by big-named stars and directors over the detention and pending extradition of the fugitive child rapist Roman Polanski confirms that Hollywood is as big a cesspool as I have long believed. Further proof is in the petition for his release: celebrities proudly sign their real name, and they parade with Free Polanski badges, while opponents sign the counter petition with pseudonyms in fear of retribution. Supporting a fugitive child rapist is evidently the right thing to do in Hollywood, while standing up for justice and children can cause you to lose your job. Can they be any more depraved?

I am sick of stardom, talent and money giving people a free ride, no matter what they do. Debra Winger (who I used to like) seems to believe his guilty plea and flight from justice is a “technicality.” Whoopi Goldberg said it wasn’t “Rape rape.” The girl was 13, he was 40, he drugged her, she said no, he did it anyway. Brutally. Have you read the transcript? She was not a willing participant to the act, no matter how he and his huge group of powerful friends paint the picture. It was rape. It was rape rape. And even rape-a-di-do-dah-day. Rape.

The fugitive child rapist is now finally being brought back to justice. This is the people’s case. Not the victim’s, who understandably wants the entire matter closed. That the victim entered into a $500,000 settlement 25 years ago doesn’t matter, either. People are parading that around as if the money should buy his freedom – since the victim was compensated. He didn’t ever pay the settlement, so that point is moot, AND it has nothing to do with the debt he owes to society for his crime.

Does anyone really believe he only raped one child? I don’t. He’s a child predator, not someone who picked up a girl in a bar, thought she was old enough, and didn’t check her ID. Even if it was only one child, that’s one too many, but child rapists have a pattern of abusing lots of kids.

These A-listers think child raping is just a momentary lapse in judgment for which there should be no repercussions. I wouldn’t want any of these pro-child-rape reprobates babysitting my children, and I refuse to pad the pockets of anyone who has signed the “Free Polanski” petition, or speaks in his defense. This means there will be very few movies to watch. So be it.

Here’s some upcoming movies I won’t see, by child-rape supporter Harvey Weinstein movies:
Four Knights (2010)
Halloween III (2010) … aka Halloween III 3-D
Fraggle Rock: The Movie (2011)
Rambo V: The Savage Hunt (2011)
Scream IV (2010)
Piranha 3-D (2010)

…and some of his other upcoming projects
Knight Rider
The Prom
The Lives of Others
The Equalizer
Sin City 2
Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland
August: Osage County
The Seven Samurai
Come Drink with Me
An American Werewolf in Paris
The Silence of Six
Solomon Grundy
Faster, Pussycat Kill Kill
Rain in Spain
Crane: Iron Pentalogy
Kung Fu High School
Alex and the Ironic Gentleman
The Alchemist

Pro-child-rape fan Martin Scorsese won’t get my money for any of these upcoming films:
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (2011)
Sinatra (2011)
Silence (2011)
Shutter Island (2010)
Untitled George Harrison Documentary (2010)

…or any of these other projects of his:
I Heard You Paint Houses
The Elia Kazan Documentary
The Wolf of Wall Street
High and Low
The Long Play

That’s just 2 of the many, so yes, the list will get pretty long. You say it will be impossible to boycott everything created by a pro-child-rape artist? Not really. It just takes committment to the belief that every penny spent on their projects supports their inflated sense of self-importance. Their stance that the craft of movie making is one to be honored above all others, and any crime should be excused.

I’d rather spend my money with people who have honor. So, I will see the next Kevin Smith movie. I will applaud Chris Rock’s performances. I’ll happily support the celebrities on this list who speak against the fugitive child rapist and the perversion of their peers.

I’ll send my message to Hollywood with my pocketbook. They won’t miss my meager funds, but if enough of us send the message, perhaps someone will start listening. I don’t live in the fantasy land they create, however, so the real benefit to me is that I get to keep my own self-respect.

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