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What’s this? A new arcade game?

Step on up, kids, for the thrill of a lifetime. Watch the lobsters quiver with fear, climbing over each other to get away from the claw, descending slowly, and taking them to their final resting place…your stomach.

It’s not video, it’s real live lobsters. The sign says, “You catch ’em, we cook ’em”. The game is “The Lobster Zone.” For $2 a try, you get to work the mechanical claw in place and drop it on a very nervous group of lobsters. You catch one, and they cook it for free.
If you think that’s a good deal, let’s do the math.

Red Lobster: Rock Lobster Tail
Prepared oven-broiled and served fluffed on the shell. 28.99 (plus tax & tip). That same 30 bucks will get you 15 tries in the Lobster Zone.

I saw this guy playing and ventured over to see what the excitement was. He told me he had played “at least” 25 bucks. Then he played for another hour. He could have had two lobster dinners. Oh, but I know, he’d be missing the thrill of the hunt.
A quick search on the web took me to, the creators of this vending machine. According to their website: “…sells about 10 tanks a week for $8,995 apiece. Restaurant owners say it’s a good investment — many are making $1,000 a week on the machines.”

Of course, you can’t have a game with live animals without PETA getting their furr in a snit. They say it’s “demeaning to the lobsters.” Sure. Much less demeaning than just sitting in a tank at the grocery store, where kids knock on the glass, stick their hands, and whatever else they’ve got, into the tanks, and eventually take their final ride in a box or plastic bag.

I’d hate to demean a lobster. I’ll just go beat up on some broccoli while I play with my bonzai kitty.

This Cockatoo ROCKS!

Check out the head-banger in the cage. These birds have it going on!

Now, this kitty, I don’t understand. Even my cat, Lassie, who is terminally weird, may not go for this:

I need one of these for my small dog, Simba:

If none of those made you laugh, how about this:

Ok, I’m headed back to the cockatoo. He’s my personal fave of the day.

No Dead Babies

Behind the Starbucks at 8th and Colorado in Denver are some dumpsters. Don’t know if they are for Starbucks, or one of the other businesses on the block. It might help to mention that they are within walking distance to the U of C Medical Center. I don’t know how to comment on the dumpsters themselves. Take a look for yourself.